There are one or two inescapable truths about 21st century living. Firstly, we are becoming ever more asset rich yet time poor. And secondly, our gardens are increasingly becoming our new living rooms. It’s no longer enough to plant a few beds and mow the lawn. The possibilities are at the same time both inspiring and bewildering – often by similar measure.

How to get the look, where to start, who to talk to? A brief search of the internet will only give you parts of the story. How do you get the concept, find the right pieces, put them together in the right order and, most importantly, bring everyone together to make it all happen? Even smaller gardens can take a significant chunk of management when it comes to bringing together the necessary specialists.

That’s where Countryfield Gardens comes in. We have assembled a team of some of the country’s most accomplished designers and craftsmen so that you can have pretty much exactly what you want. In essence we bring together landscape design, garden building architecture with beautiful artisanal products and then help you to make your selection, plan the project and project manage the whole process – a turn key package that’s calm, considered and beautifully implemented.


Countryfield Gardens is a family
business with more than 50 years
experience in horticulture. Delivering
quality projects & products since 1920.


Working closely with each client, we
design, plan & deliver your project,
creating amazing outdoor living spaces.
From a simple furniture installation to a
full transformation.


We work with carefully selected artisan
craftspeople who can build or create
the unique individual pieces that add a
unique personality to your garden.