Q: What makes the CountryField Kitchen so special?

A. Engineered with incredible precision and care, this kitchen is built with tried and tested materials and techniques from demanding environments such as the marine industry. We have applied a combination of traditional techniques and cutting-edge technologies to build this superior outdoor kitchen.

We have incorporated the highest specified units from the leading American BBQ supplier Fire Magic, who offer a superb range of features to really help you get more from your outdoor kitchen. To boot, the CountryField Kitchen is customisable, functional, adaptable and manoeuvrable – Oh and extremely pleasing to the eye of course!

Q. Does an outdoor kitchen add value to my property?

A. It depends on the property, its resale value, the buyer and a whole range of other factors, but as with any additional feature, it will certainly help your house stand out and with more enthusiastic buyers you would reasonably expect a better price. 

Why does this matter? 
It doesn’t! That’s just part of the beauty of the CountryField Kitchen. Unlike a traditional built in brick unit, you can take your kitchen with you; if you don’t get what you think it is worth, take it with you!

Choosing the right units

Q. Can I choose my own grill?

A. We can incorporate a range of grills, they must be within certain dimensions and have certain features – a design consultation would be required to arrange this. Give one of the team a ring on 01455 825 403 to discuss potential options. If you need a bit of inspiration, have a look at the Fire Magic range; they have a wide array of possibilities that you can choose from.

Q. Can I choose any modules?

A. Yes, you don’t have to have any set combination.

Q. Can I choose any finish?

A. Our model consists of Natural Welsh Slate and Cedar cladding, due to the complimentary colour scheme, but you can choose from the following work tops:
Porcelain finish (coming soon)

Please get in touch to discuss your preferred wood finish and work top. We can then quote based on your specified combination.

Q. What happens if I redesign my garden and want to update my kitchen?

A. No problem! Unlike any other construction method, our cladding system enables us to update your kitchen to keep it up to date but simply change the external cladding. The modular design means we know what is required from a simple phone call so no hassle and less mess!

Q. Can I customize the size of my kitchen?

A. Essentially yes – you can. Each module is based on standardised sizes to enable better quality control through more precise engineering, so whilst the cabinets are fixed sizes, you can choose any number of modules which can be arranged into your chosen configuration. We can custom build your very own CountryField Kitchen from scratch but a design process and retooling would be required, so you would need to make an additional investment.

Q. How much maintenance does my kitchen require?

A. A wooden cladding be either be left to go a natural grey as the wood ages or you can maintain the natural colour by oiling the wood annually. It’s your choice.

Installation & location

Q. Can I install anywhere in my garden?

A. A solid base such as patio or decking is required; please note, we can arrange for a surface of your choice to be installed if necessary. The unit requires access to power, drainage and water supply subject to your choice of units. We can install the necessary feeds, but will need access to the main feeds in order to do so. 

We will arrange a site survey to help you choose the best location.

Q. What installation is required?

A. The Burner unit and Side Burner unit do not require any installation if the base is already in place (i.e. decking, patio etc). The Hygiene unit requires power, water supply and drainage, so will need:
Mains power via an RCD external power supply, or external caravan style CEE form power socket Mains waterDrainage

Q. How much does installation cost?

A. This depends on which units you require: the burner units simply require a solid foundation so there isn’t an installation charge. The hygiene unit requires power, water and drainage so will need feeds to and from the mains. As each garden is different we are unable to provide an exact figure for installation, but we would typically expect this to be less than £1,000. A site survey can provide an exact quote.

We can custom build a kitchen from scratch but a design process and retooling would be required so you would need to make an additional investment.

If you have a question we haven’t answered, feel free to drop us a comment and we’ll get back to you! Alternatively, if you’d like to discuss any of the above with a member of the team, please get in touch on 01455 825 403.