Here at CountryField Garden, we are fascinated by the range and complexity of garden statues and focal points. For centuries, we have used statues and ornaments to enhance and decorate our gardens and grounds. Today, they help make gardens an extension of our homes. Garden ornaments can be anything from a birdbath to a fountain, an obelisk or a sundial. They include anything we place in our gardens to enhance the design or just to add a bit of our own personality into the mix, whether it’s a sculpture, statue, garden furniture or lighting. Have you ever wondered where this trend of decorating our open spaces began and why? And if you are interested in choosing an ornament or statue for your own garden, where do you start?

Statues & ornaments in history

Romans were the first to use garden ornaments in Western culture and the remains of their sites offer evidence of a great love of majestic statues, some of deities and others of famous or eminent individuals. Their use of ornaments complimented their love of formal symmetry in garden design. This trend continued in great style in Italy, with the grandeur of the Italian Renaissance gardens in the fifteenth century, which were inspired by the classical style and designed for pleasure. Indeed, the Romans planted the first English gardens, passing on their love of ornaments to decorate and enhance garden design.


Ancient Egypt temple gardens were decorated with statues of the gods; however, much of the statuary still used today is influenced by classical designs. Copies of famous statues like the Venus de Milo remain a popular way to remind us of the grandeur of classical culture. But you don’t have to stick to tradition when choosing garden statues. If you tastes are more modern, there is a great choice of statues to be found. Our reputation as a nation of animal lovers means that there is every conceivable animal, insect and bird is available as a sculpture to enhance the garden.

A wide range of materials is used to produce statues today, including stone, concrete, metals and terracotta. There is something to suit every garden.


Dating back to ancient Egyptian astronomy, sundials are also known as shadow clocks. They work by casting a shadow in different positions at different times of the day according to the elliptic orbit of the sun. So their place in the garden is both practical and decorative. Placed on a pedestal, either classical or modern, sundials faces are made from brass or other metals and can various shapes, from round to octagonal. The mottos often used in sundial design are often a reflection on our place in the natural order of nature.

Pots & Urns

Perhaps the most versatile of all garden ornaments are pots and urns. Available in all shapes and sizes, garden planters allow us to decorate our gardens with something which combines man made materials with plants to create an object of beauty. Combined with existing flowerbeds, pots and urns enable the gardener to highlight plants by height or colour. We often plant exotic plants in containers to make them objects of beauty. The many pots and urns available today offer many possibilities for us to add architectural and natural beauty to our gardens.

Using ornaments in your garden

Choice of ornament and where to place it is entirely your own decision, we suggest you consider the following rules to create the best visual. Try not to use too many ornaments in the garden; too many can create a cluttered look, whilst a few carefully placed can create beautiful focal points. Consider the proportions of your garden, something too big will dominate space and detract from the garden as a whole, whilst something too small will get lost. Your ornament should draw the eye and act as a focal point, so placement is therefore extremely important. Lastly, made sure your garden ornament is something you, yourself love!

We can..

CountryField Gardens source quality garden and grounds ornaments, sculptures, pots and urns and can satisfy bespoke requests, whatever your taste.  If you prefer something traditional modern abstract styles or something just a bit quirky, we will have something for you. With years of experience in the outdoors, the team at CountryField Gardens can help you create and manage your dream grounds and gardens. For more information, please head to the Commissions Page on our website.