British wild game is more readily available now than it has ever been; you can find pigeon, rabbit and venison in butchers, supermarkets and on restaurant menus, but, you can’t beat that mid-season time of year, when pheasant, partridge and grouse become available.

The Great British Game Week (#GBGameWeek) highlights everything that is fantastic and British about wild game. It is consequently dedicated to promoting the produce of our shoots, game dealers, butchers and farm shops and encouraging a wider audience to try game. Having grown vastly in popularity over the last decade, it is important to sustain the progress that has been made and continue to persuade even more of the public to try and enjoy this nutritious and wild food available on our doorstep.

With a distinctive flavour, game is as free range your meat can come. Whether you have shot it yourself or purchased it through a third party, sit comfortably knowing your cooking some of the freshest, healthiest meats available. We’ve picked out some of our favourite game recipes to share with you. All of the following can be adapted for cooking on an outdoor kitchen, fire pit or other grill, which will add a true wood-fired taste to the distinctive flavours of wild game


Barbecue Spatchcock Grouse

You will need:
1 Grouse per person
Maple syrup
Sea salt
Cracked black pepper

Find the instructions here.


Beer-Can Partridge

You will need:
1 Partridge
Olive Oil
Sea salt & Cracked black pepper
Beer Can

Find the instructions here.

And of course, the traditionals.. Why not put a British twist on the great Barbecue and cook your game indirectly on a grill with the lid closed? The team at CountryField Gardens love experimenting with our grills..


Traditional Roast Pheasant

You will need:  
25g butter
1.25Kg Pheasant
4-6 smoked streaky bacon rashers (optional)
Sea salt & cracked black pepper

For the game chips:
375g potatoes
Sunflower Oil (for deep frying)

For the cider sauce:
25g butter
1 onion (finely chopped)
20g plain flour
300ml cider
300ml chicken stock
1 tsp thyme

Find the instructions here:

Roast Grouse with blackberries & port wine jus

You will need:
4 grouse (including giblets)
500g of duck fat
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp of butter
Salt & Pepper

Potato galette:
3 large potatoes
100g of seasoned flour
2 whisked eggs
200g of breadcrumbs

100ml of olive oil
100g butter
2 shallots (peeled & sliced)
2 garlic cloves (peeled & sliced)
2 flat mushrooms
200ml port
4 sprigs of fresh thyme
1 punnet of blackberries
200ml chicken stock
300ml of veal jus

Instructions can be found here.

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