Christmas is known for being a stressful time for families, whether you have young children, older children, grandchildren or no children at all. It’s a time we all look forward to, be it the food, the social, the giving or the receiving, but it often whizzes past in a flash and we feel we haven’t actually had a quiet moment to ourselves.

The team at CountryField Gardens are a mixed bunch, some with and some without children, some in their fifties, some in their twenties; so I asked them to put forward their top stress-less tips. I hope you can use the following to create some time to yourself and just relax.

  1. Online Shopping:

Whilst not a new phenomenon in 2017, online shopping can take away a lot of the stress of endless trips to the shops to find that perfect gift for a special someone. Instead, sit in the comfort of your own living room, with the fire blazing, a hot toddy (see recipe here) at your side and your favourite pooch curled up at your feet. Whilst online shopping may take a little pre-thought, having that parcel land at your door will keep you cool, calm and collected during the run up to Christmas Day.

  1. Plan ahead and don’t over commit to social occasions:

Christmas is the season to be social, but don’t over commit yourself. With Christmas parties, meals and endless family gatherings, it can be difficult to actually take five minutes to yourself and put your feet up with a cuppa on the sofa.  Ensure you walk into the New Year feeling fresh, happy and excited for the year ahead.

  1. Grab a Christmas Movie:

There’s nothing like settling down on the sofa, grabbing your favourite Christmas movie and enjoying a cosy evening in with a loved one. Whether your partial to a bit of The Grinch, Love Actually or The Polar Express, the familiar stories, characters and scenes will bring out the festive spirit in even the biggest Scrooges.

  1. Plan some ‘you time’:

Whether you have a young family, a large family or a small family, don’t forget to look after yourself. Remember, it is your time off too and you should use it to enjoy yourself too. Whether it is a little indulgence such as a long soak in the bath, a night off cooking, or a day out with your other half, you’ll appreciate this time more than you realise!

  1. Take a country walk:

Do you have family and friends staying with you over the festive period? Sometimes it can all get a bit much and we need a break and a breath of fresh air.  Not only will it help your sanity, a little exercise will help burn off those extra few calories that we’re all guilty of consuming over Christmas. It is also well known that exercise lifts your mood by creating endorphins; after a spin around the countryside, you’ll be ready to head back to the family chaos for a few hours without feeling you need to bite someone’s head off!

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