Outdoor Kitchens

It is a well-known fact that food and drink brings people together. Have you ever noticed how family and friends congregate around the kitchen, at breakfast time? At a dinner party? Or when you need that cup of tea, a biscuit and a chat? The kitchen is a shared area full of bonding experiences, which CountryField Gardens is taking outdoors with the CountryField Kitchen and alfresco dining.

Why should you consider installing an outdoor kitchen?

  1. Increase your living and entertaining space

Make the most of the summer season by expanding your outdoor living space. It’s not just a kitchen you are installing, it’s a kitchen, a dining room and can even become a living room too. We know the English weather is not always on our side, sometimes it’s a bit drizzly, sometimes it’s a bit chillier than we’d like, but when we get those cracking English summer days, there’s nothing we love more than drinking and dining alfresco.

  1. Entertaining

Ever had a barbecue and spent all your time cooking the sides indoors? Make that a thing of the past; warm your sauces and boil your veg on side burners, allow your guests to become involved in the cooking, let them check their steaks are how they like them. The CountryField Kitchen will become part of your dinner party entertainment and no one need be in the house away from the party.

  1. Delight your taste buds

Experiment with flavours, accompanying sides and different cuts of meat on your grill and side burners. Even the most amateur of cooks can create dishes to be proud of! Our range of grills offer optional rotisserie kits for larger joints and a thermometer probe to ensure high precision cooking. Direct or indirect cooking – the choice is yours!

  1. Increase the value of your home

Whilst an investment to use and enjoy for years to come, a CountryField Kitchen is also an investment that will only increase the value of your estate should you ever move away. Leaving your outdoor kitchen will no doubt send potential purchasers’ imaginations into grilling overdrive, however, there is nothing to say you cannot bring your CountryField Kitchen with you.  Unlike a traditional brick unit, you can take your kitchen with you. If you don’t get what you think it is worth, take it with you!

outdoor kitchens
outdoor kitchens

The CountryField Kitchen

Engineered to the highest of quality by skilled master craftsmen in Dorset, UK, the CountryField Kitchen has been designed with you in mind. The exclusive modular set-up allows you to choose a configuration that best suits you and your family and should your needs change in the future, the kitchen can change with you.

We’ve sourced only the finest materials to create the luxury that we all secretly (or not so secretly!) crave. In fact, we’ve even sparked clients’ creative side with their own indoor kitchens so that they match their new outdoor kitchen!

Structural features:

The powder coated aluminium chassis frame offers extreme strength, durability and a lightweight and low-density design, that is engineered to an incredibly precise degree by CNC technology often used for manufacturing luxury yacht electrical components. The kitchen frame is secured by 316 marine grade stainless steel metal fixtures and fittings; chosen for the strength and corrosion resistant properties.

The chassis is encased by seal-wise boarding, donning hygienic PVC on the outside, which is 100% waterproof and designed for use within food and medical environments. The sealed cabinets are ideal for crockery and utensil storage as the non-toxic and non-porous boarding is easy to clean, necessitating only a simple wipe with a sterilized cloth and anti-bacterial spray.


The aluminium frame is enclosed by a high quality, environmentally-friendly Cedar cladding. Selected for its aesthetically pleasing appearance, which compliments the natural Welsh slate work top. Although a softwood (therefore both natural and sustainable), cedar has a naturally occurring chemical transformation making it more decay resistant than some other woods and extremely durable. Other options are available for an additional design fee.

Chosen for its natural, yet luxurious texture, the natural Welsh Slate work tops are sourced from one of our highly skilled artisan suppliers. The work top is sealed; stopping stains such as red wine spillages are not absorbed by the slate. Other materials are available: Granite, Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC), Marble.

Outdoor Kitchen Features:

The CountryField Kitchen is currently offered with a FireMagic Aurora A430i Grill; an American built, market leading, premium BBQ. Built from 304 stainless steel, the Aurora operates with bottled gas, natural gas or charcoal. The grill boasts two pairs of cast stainless steel burners, heavy duty and stick resistant cooking grids, flavour grids, a warmer rack and an additional digital thermometer and rotisserie kit.

Other grill options are available – please give us a call on 01455 825 403 to discuss potential options.

The CountryField Kitchen is installed with Aurora Side Burners, which consist of two 15,000 BTU’s burners, offering precise flame control on each burner. These are ideal for preparing side dishes and warming sauces, so that you can be with guests whilst you cook.


  1. Can I choose any modules?

The modular design of the CountryField Kitchen means that you can put any combination of modules together and create a kitchen that will fit your garden and lifestyle perfectly. You can also change it in the future if you need to.

  1. Can I choose any finish?

Our model is made up of Natural Welsh Slate and Cedar cladding, which has specifically been chosen for the quality, durability and aesthetics, but you can choose from the following work tops:

  • Glass Reinforced Concrete
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Resin
  • Procelain

Other cladding options are available – please get in touch for more information and a quote for your specified combination.

  1. Can I customize the size of my kitchen?

Essentially yes, you can. Each module is based on standardised sizes to enable better quality control through more precise engineering, so whilst the cabinets are fixed sizes, you can choose any number of modules, which can be arranged into your chosen configuration. We can custom build your CountryField Kitchen from scratch but a design process and retooling would be required, so you would need to make an additional investment.

  1. How much maintenance does my CountryField Kitchen require?

Wooden cladding can either be left to go a natural grey as the wood naturally ages or you can maintain the colour by oiling the wood annually. It’s your choice!

  1. Can I install anywhere in my garden?

A solid base such as a patio or decking is required, which can also be arranged if necessary. The unit requires access to power, drainage and a water supply, so you will need either mains power via an RCD external power supply or an external caravan style CEE form power socket.

  1. How much does installation cost?

This depends on which units you require. The burner units simply require a solid foundation so there is not an installation charge. The hygiene unit requires power, water and drainage which will need feeds to and from the mains. As each garden is different, we are unable to provide an exact figure for installation, but we would typically expect this to be less than £1000. A site survey can provide an exact quote.

For further information, to speak to one of the team or get a quote, please contact us on: theteam@countryfieldgardens.co.uk or 01455 825 403

Whilst we can provide you with your own CountryField Kitchen, we can go oh, so much further and create the ultimate outdoor living space bespoke to you, your home and your lifestyle. Add a Louvered Canopy or a Crown Pavilion, a POLYWOOD dining set and an L-Shaped Sofa to make it a truly outdoor extension of your home. To really up the game, install a Wood Fired Freshwater Hot Tub; the possibilities are endless!