Belgravia Lantern


Inspired by the quintessentially English lanterns that have stood in London’s Covent Garden for the best part of three decades, the Belgravia’s unique and impressive design looks stunning as a single piece or as part of a set.

  • Inspired by London’s Covent Garden lighting
  • Spherical single pane glass casing
  • Distinctive and unique frog collar


If you are looking to install a number of lights or create the right atmosphere for your garden and grounds, please contact us at or on 01455 825403.


The spherical glass casing; a seamless glass bowl encompasses electrical fittings and a bulb to create a defined, regal look, differentiating itself from the more common square and hexagonal designs found on the UK market. The frog collar is equally distinctive, combining modern simplicity with timeless elegance. The singular pane of glass allows for maximum amount of light exposure, illuminating your home or drive.


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Large, Medium, Small

Additional Information

It is recommended that a qualified electrician is used for installation. Each sized lantern is suitable for use with the corresponding sized lamppost, patio lamppost and wall mounted brackets. Our team of professionals at CountryField Gardens can install your lanterns. Please see our Concierge page for more details.

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