Climbing Frames

Bring your children’s dreams to life by installing their very own adventure playground! Our artisans can create incredibly imaginative designs in all shapes and sizes, in a modular construction, which means we can fulfil your playground desires, whether than is a climbing frame, tree house, aerial walkway or fantasy cottage.

• Made to order
• Made in England
• Design service available
• Installed by a team

The designs shown here are previous builds, displayed to inspire and convey what is possible. To discuss your ideas, a site visit or quotes, please get in touch with the CountryField Gardens team on 01455 825403 or at .


Additional Information:
All of our climbing frames and play towers are bespoke and our artisans can offer guidance and even a design service if desired to help you decide how high or wide to have your play towers and what accessories your children would like. We’ll match your needs with your budget!

Your children’s safety is of paramount importance to us and the European safety standards determine how we make and install our equipment. We are obliged to recommend some form of surfacing under any play equipment where your children are over 1.5m off the ground. We are happy to advise you on this and can provide this for you.


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