Freshwater Wood-Fired Hot Tub

Prepare to relax in utter luxury with our authentic freshwater wood-fired hot tubs. Perfect for a romantic summer evening or just as fun when you have a bunch of friends and family around for a party! Watching the sun go down from your favourite spot, while luxuriating in the embrace of still, warm freshwater is an experience you will treasure, time after time.

  • No need for nasty chemicals
  • Tub can be placed anywhere
  • Virtually silent
  • Accommodating 6 adults in comfort
  • Handmade by master craftsmen in England

For more information about our freshwater wood-fired hot tubs and prices, please get in touch on 01455 825403 or .


Our wood-fired hot tubs have an endless list of benefits:

Firstly; these beautifully handcrafted tubs do not need any electricity or wires, meaning you can site your tub wherever you want; a secret dell, a private courtyard or placed in the open with a magnificent view; you choose!

Secondly, our hot tubs are freshwater tubs, which means there aren’t any nasty chemicals involved! So many of us are allergic to the chemicals found in most plastic hot tubs and whirlpools – freshwater is vital, refreshing and oh so natural. What’s more, when you’ve finished bathing, the fresh water from your hot tub can be used to irrigate your garden without killing any plants!

Thirdly, if you’re enjoying the final moments of the suns ebbing rays on a still and silent evening, the last thing you want it the constant drone of a water pump. With these unique hot tubs, all you will hear is the faint crackle of the wood fire, the birds evening chorus and the bubbles popping in the top of your champagne flute.

Designed and handcrafted by skilled master craftsmen in England, each hot tub is based on a Scandinavian / Canadian concept, made from a durable Western Red Cedar tub with a long-lasting stainless steel firebox and flue.

To use:

Simply fill the tub with 2 cubic metres of fresh water, light a wood fire in the totally submersed firebox, which heats the water up to between 35oC and 40oC. You can control the temperature by adding more wood and varying the airflow into the firebox using the attached regulator.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it take to get the water up to temperature?

In summer, heating the water from 14oC to 34oC takes around 1½ hours. In winter, heating the water from 6oC to 40oC will take around 3 ½ – 4 hours.

Approximately how much fuel does the boiler require per session?

On average, around 2 bags of dry logs.

Can I use other fuels other than wood?

No, the burner must only be fuelled by dry wood. As the burner is submersed, its surface temperature isn’t high enough to burn off excess tar in the burner.

What volume of water does the tub take?

Filled to the correct level 1-2 inches above the top of the firebox, the hot tub takes about 1.6 cubic metres of water.

Do you supply a cover?

Yes, we do as an additional extra.

Is there a lot of smoke from the flue?

If the fire is managed correctly (lit, then built up steadily in 2-3 stages to a full firebox) then a minimal amount of smoke is produced. Smoke occurs when there is insufficient heat to burn off the gases.

What does my hot tub need to stand on? Do I need a special base?

Your hot tub needs a 10’ (3m) circle of flat concrete, flagstones or gravel. The CountryField Gardens team can offer base inspiration, ideas and install your desired base prior to delivery. Please head over to the Installations Page for more information, or contact us on 01455 825403 or to discuss your ideas.

How heavy is the tub? Will it be OK on my decking?

When full and occupied, your hot tub will weigh about two tons. It must therefore stand on a solid base. As long as levels allow tub draining to take place and there isn’t any obstruction to airflow around the base, your hot tub can be sunken or have decking built around it.

Hot tub Safety:

How hot does the water get?

You vary the water temperature by means of a thermometer and by adjusting the fire with the regulator (air intake). Once the desired temperature is reached, simply close the air intake and the water temperature will not rise noticeably.

Does the base of the tub get slippery?
If dirty water is left in your hot tub, bacteria will form a slippery coating. If the inside of your hot tub is disinfected and cleaned as per instructions, it will always offer a good non-slip surface.

Is there a danger of burning myself on the boiler?
The burner is protected by a fence and you should make no attempt to touch the burner when it is lit. However, any surface underwater will not be hot on brief contact. Sustained contact (excluding water from the surface) may cause a burn.

Does the flue get hot?
The chimney (flue) above the cover board is insulated and timber-clad to avoid danger to users.

How deep is the water when at the correct depth?
Maximum depth inside the tub is 31″(80cm) with an initial fill depth of approx. 25″(65cm) allowing for the displacement of bodies.

Can you fit seating in the tub?
Yes you can fit seating in your hot tub and we recommend low, removable seats. Fixed seating, as fitted by some other manufacturers, tends to make cleaning more difficult.

Hot Tub Maintenance:

How frequently do I need to change the water?
Herein lies one of the main differences with plastic spa/jacuzzi use. We recommended that you change the water after 2 close sessions. We do not supply a noisy and unattractive filtration system and so bathers should be clean before entering the hot tub.

Do I need to use any chemicals to keep the water clean?
We suggest you add the stated dose of disinfectant and stir well 1 hour prior to emptying. This avoids bacteria growing in the timber. The disinfectant decomposes in water within 30-40 minutes.

How do I clean the tub?
All accessible parts should be scrubbed while still wet after emptying, or during emptying and rinsed down afterwards.

How do I empty the tub?
We supply you with a tap and hose tail allowing you to water your garden with the hot tub’s contents. A drain hole with a plug is provided for total emptying.

How do I clean the ash out of the boiler?

Most people can reach in with a shovel, or scoop, once the embers are cold. You can buy a long-handled dust pan/brush from us as an accessory (please get in touch at ). Wood does burn well on a bed of its own ash and so may be used for 4 – 5 fires before emptying. There is no need to completely empty or clean the burner.

How often will the flue need sweeping?
The flue shouldn’t need sweeping. With a good fire and air inlet fully open, the flame may reach the top of the chimney which will stop any build-up of tar and soot inside.

How long would you expect the tub to last?
Cedar is one of the most rot-resistant timbers known. Given good maintenance, the tub should happily last 20 years.

Will the wood fade and do I need to treat it with a protector like my garden furniture?
The wood may fade or discolour over time depending on the location of the tub. You can apply similar wood protector to the one you use on your wooden garden furniture to the exterior of the tub.

Will the wood shrink in a dry summer if the tub isn’t used?
Yes, if left empty and without a cover on. We recommend (after draining and cleaning) that you refill to 1-2″(5cm) and fit a cover.

Additional Information:
These hot tubs are handmade to order and we therefore need to take a deposit of £1200 upon confirmation of your order.

Your hot tub will be delivered and installed complete with a wooden tub lid, wooden steps, a thermometer and wooden paddle. Please be aware that delivery is at additional cost dependent on client location. Bespoke requirements can be catered for – please get in touch at or on 01455 825403 to discuss any of the above.

Lead time: 6 weeks

Further information about Western Red Cedar:

  • Western red cedar is famed for its extraordinary durability and resistance to decay. It is the first choice of wood in areas with severe winters and hot summers. Frankly, a hot tub or barrel sauna made from Western red cedar will serve you many years and will remain beautiful and trouble free
  • Western red cedar has a very low coefficient of expansion. So, unlike other soft woods such larch or spruce, it does not shrink, swell or warp excessively, even when subjected to changing degrees of temperature and moisture
  • Western red cedar has prime insulating qualities, which makes our hot tubs and barrel saunas very economical to heat
  • Its pleasing odour is repellent to moths, insects and vermin
  • And of course it is very beautiful to look at. So if you are looking for the best material possible, western red cedar is the answer.

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