Mime Fire Pit


This circular fire pit is both understated yet impressive. Whilst the Mime will make a remarkable centrepiece, it will not detract from the grandiose garden, but accentuate a variety of garden styles. Whether a focus point or not for your garden, it will become a talking point of your garden parties!


The perfect combination of brushed stainless steel and lacquered carbon steel, the Mimes stylish design will have everyone chatting about it. With an interior structure of Brushed AISI 316 Stainless Steel, the exterior is available in a number of alluring finishes including Lacquered Carbon Steel, Rusted Corten Style and Corten Varnished Steel. If you choose the Lacquered Carbon Steel, you may request any colour of your choice from the entire RAL colour scheme.
Conveniently, the Mime can accommodate a variety of fuels  so whether your preference is firewood, gas, charcoal or bioethanol, this exclusive fire pit is ideal for you and your garden. The fuel compartment is constructed from brushed AISI 316 stainless steel.
Although perfect for warming you on a chilly evening, the Mime can also be used for cooking on; cooking accessories are available as an optional extra. For more information, please get in touch at theteam@countryfieldgardens.co.uk or on 01455 825403.
Please note: The Mime includes a protective cover.
Fuel – Firewood/Charcoal/Gas/Bioethanol
Dimensions – 1492mm W x 308mm H
Weight – 224kg

Additional information


Gas, Bioethanol, Firewood/Charcoal


Ral Options, Rusted Corten Steel, Brushed AISI 316 Steel, Corten Varnished Steel, Lacquered Carbon Steel


None, 1 x SS Bench, 2 x SS Benches, 3 x SS Benches, 1 x Ral Options, 2 x Ral Options, 3 x Ral Options, 1 x Rusted Corten Steel bench, 2 x Rusted Corten Steel benches, 3 x Rusted Corten Steel benches, 1 x Lacquered Carbon Steel Bench, 2 x Lacquered Carbon Steel Benches, 3 x Lacquered Carbon Steel Benches


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