Raised Dog Bed


A very practical and versatile dog bed, the Raised Dog Bed is ideal for those are travelling, enjoying holidays with your pooch or as a main bed. Instinctively choosing a raised platform due to the lack of draft, your four-legged friend will be happy as Larry curled up on this bed.

  • Available in four colours of waterproof fabric
  • Perfect with a non-slip Polar Fleece Pad 
  • Range of replecment waterproof covers available
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Suitable for all sizes and breeds of dog, these raised platforms can be used as your dog’s main bed or as an occasional day bed. Consisting of a sturdy, lightweight and weather resistant zinc plated steel frame, the durable, waterproof fabric cover is the same material as our Waterproof Orthopaedic Mattress.

Durable, hygienic and extremely easy to clean, the Raised bed allows comfortable sleeping away from drafts, cold or damp floors or excessive warmth from under-floor heating. The raised hammock style of the bed helps alleviate pressure points on exposed joints, making it perfect for arthritic or elderly dogs.

Keeping the bed clean is as simple as brushing off, whilst the cover can be hosed, spot cleaned or is machine washable on a cool cycle. This simple fabric does not harbour smells, mould, mildew or infestations and dog hair simply brushes off – ideal for reducing allergies.

Easy to move around for easy relocation indoors, in the garden, kennels or runs; assembly and disassembly could not be quicker, with the simple slotted design.

Add either our Non-Slip Polar Fleece Pads or our luxurious XL Sheepskin Throws to prolong the life of the cover and provide extra warmth and comfort. For uneven, tiled or wooden floors or when used outdoors, we strongly recommend using out Heavy Duty Rubber Feet.

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Delivery – please allow between 7-14 working days

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Dimensions 80 × 70 cm

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Delivery – please allow between 7-14 working days


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