Swan Neck Lantern


These impressive and timelessly styled Swan Neck Lanterns look fantastic whether mounted as a lit up welcome on your gateposts, as part of a set on numerous lampposts or as a single wall mounted piece.

  • Suspended from a galvanised steel rod
  • Available in an accentuated copper finish

If you are looking for a number of lights or the right atmosphere for your garden and grounds, please get in touch with the CountryField Gardens team at theteam@countryfieldgardens.co.uk or on 01455 825403.


Suspended from a unique swan neck shaped galvanised steel rod, this lantern will fit onto any lamppost of your choice. Fitted with our crystal clear quality acrylic panes for safety, durability and a longer life.

The Swan Neck lantern is available in an accentuated copper finish.


Additional Information

It is recommended that a qualified electrician is used for installation.
Each sized lantern is suitable for use with the corresponding size lamppost, patio lampposts and wall-mounted brackets.

Our team of professionals at CountryField Gardens can install your lanterns – please see our Concierge Page.

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