Victorian Lantern


These impressive and timelessly styled lanterns look fantastic whether mounted as a lit up welcome on your gateposts, as part of a set on numerous lampposts or as a single wall mounted piece. Hand produced to a superior standard using only traditional tools and techniques, these lanterns draw inspiration from Victorian street lighting, offering period charm combined with modern functionality.

  • Hand produced
  • Inspired by Victorian street lighting
  • Internal reflector plate directs light to the ground

If you are looking for a number of lights or the right atmosphere for your gardens and grounds, please get in touch with the CountryField Gardens team at or on 01455 825403 for more information.


The cast iron is turned and shaped by hand using authentic manufacturing techniques creating unrivalled classical beauty as well as durability.
As a safer and stronger alternative to glass, with the same crystal clear transparency, clear perspex panes are fitted in addition to an internal reflector plate to help direct light towards the ground. Each of the four panes is framed by an elegantly detailed motif to add a touch of opulence to the lantern.

With a hinged door for easy bulb replacement, the interior features a solid brass bulb holder ready for wiring.


Additional Information

It is recommended that a qualified electrician is used for installation. Our team of professionals at CountryField Gardens can install your lanterns – please see our Concierge page for more details.

Each sized lantern is suitable for use with the corresponding sized lamppost, patio lamppost and wall mounted brackets. The bulb holder is able to accommodate up to a 50 Watt bulb.

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