Did you know alfresco living is a thing?

Throughout 2017 we’ve seen a few summer trends emerge that we’re super excited to see return in 2018. The biggest and most exciting of those is alfresco living; by which, we mean taking the indoors outdoors and enjoying your fresh air gallery.

In our modern day hectic lives it’s all too easy to forget that we actually need time to relax. We’re a generation squeezing as many tasks into the day as possible, whether work related or those irritating jobs you never seem to have the time. Whether you’re an avid gardener with a detailed, blooming foliage or more of a 100% lawn, less is more gardener, we all find the outdoors a relaxing environment.

To create the ultimate alfresco space, you first need to consider what you want from it. Is it an entertaining area? Primarily for relaxing? For family time? Or all of those listed and more? The outdoor room has significantly evolved in the last five years as a design concept and we can only expect it to hang around for many more to come, so much so that outdoor spaces are now seen as an extension of the indoors.

Secondly all of the above are possible, but it is important to know your budget before you start. It is easy to get carried away, purely because the cliché ‘the possibilities are endless’ is more than relevant here.

Thirdly, go to those who know what they’re doing. If you’re creating your alfresco living space from scratch and you are not sure where to start, then money spent with a garden designer will pay off. There’s a number of considerations that won’t have even flitted through your mind; where’s the best place to catch the evening sun? Which way will the shadows fall? Will you block out light to another area? You wouldn’t want smoke blowing into your house would you? Of course, every garden comes with different considerations, but a designer will help pin point those that are important to you and your home.

Here’s a few of our favourite alfresco living trends that are prime for a 2018 return:


  1. Outdoor Cooking

Upgrade the barbeque for a full-on outdoor kitchen! Not only will you be cooking in the middle of the party, catching the latest gossip, but you won’t have to make any mad dashes back to the house to fetch the veg or the sauces. The accessories to an outdoor kitchen (side burners, fridge, sink, cupboards etc.) mean that you could create an incredible outdoor set-up far from your house and not have step foot indoors to spoil the fun. Outdoor kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, in both standard specs and bespoke designs. For advice on where to start, give the CountryField Gardens team a ring on 01455 825 403 or take a peak at our modular design here:



  1. Pavilions and Garden Buildings

We know the sun does not always shine as much as we’d like here in the UK; but that shouldn’t keep us from enjoying a little bit of luxurious, outdoor serenity. Escape the house, your daily chores and take a little time out for yourself in your pavilion in your favourite garden spot. Designed so you can have sides down and be covered from the elements or alternatively, pin them up and enjoy the sun’s rays and the gentle summers breeze as you relax with a coffee and the paper. There’s a baffling choice of gazebos, pavilions and garden buildings, so do your research and decide what will work best for you. Gather some inspiration from the CountryField Gardens range here:


  1. Outdoor Dining Sets

There is no point cooking outdoors and being unable to dine in the fresh air! Help the environment by checking out POLYWOOD garden furniture. Made from 100% recycled materials, these luxurious, ergonomic designs are incredibly popular over in the US and are fast gaining popularity in the UK too. POLYWOOD is a prime example of just how far the world of recycling has come in recent years! To buy your POLYWOOD, click here.


  1. Love to lounge?

Garden furniture has been around for a while, but have you ever thought about creating an outdoor lounging space? Whether you plan to entertain or relax, garden sofas are the ultimate luxury and particularly perfect when paired with a mug of tea or a glass of wine. Create a sofa arrangement to suit you and your space: will you go L-shaped, U-shaped or with a 3-piece set?

We love our Lisbon Sofas which can be purchased singularly or designed to your specific design:



  1. Bring a little cover to the party..

Being in the UK, we all know it’s necessary to have a little shelter every now and again and you can now source a variety of buildings and semi-permanent covers. We particularly love the Rensons buildings, which offer overhead cover in the form of retracting louvres, ideal for covering your outdoor kitchen or lounge area. Check them out here:



  1. Fire pits

Found in all shapes and sizes and to match all budgets, fire pits can create the perfect atmosphere whatever the party, gathering or evening. Planning a quiet evening to yourself? Cosy up around the flames in the luxury of an Adirondack with a blanket. Hosting a party? Let your guests warm their backs whilst chit-chatting amongst the flickering shadows.

Will you go with a Wire Fire Basket or an impressive Stravaganza?

These trends are definitely returning for the 2018 summer season, but there is no reason why you cannot enjoy them throughout the 2017/2018 winter. After all, any of the above would make a cracking Christmas present for a loved one! Visit our online shop for more inspiration or contact the team on 01455 825 403 or theteam@countryfieldgardens.co.uk for further advice or information.