We’ve told you why you should cook on your fire pit, we’ve given you some tips on how you should go about it and now we’re offering up our top recipe picks for creating a mean meal on your fire pit.


The Best Firewood Grilled Steak: We’re keeping it simple with this one; cooking with real firewood embers will give your meat a fantastic flavour, so don’t go crazy with your marinade. We’d recommend a simple seasoning of sea salt and cracked black pepper to bring out the best firewood flavours.

Whilst the marinade is unimportant, a good cut of beef will make all the difference to the flavour infusion and the tenderness of the meat. Here at CountryField Gardens, we’re all about supporting the rural community and smaller businesses, so we’d urge you to step into your local farm shop or butchers for a nice, thick cut of high quality British beef. You won’t regret it.

Don’t forget to let your steak rest once cooked!

For the veggies:

Lemon & Rosemary Halloumi Skewers: Full of flavour and ideal as a main or as a side for a few!
Serves: 4

You need: Olive oil, 1 chopped sprig of rosemary, 1 lemon, 250g of halloumi cheese (chopped in large chunks), 1 red onion (chopped into large chunks), 1 courgette (chopped into large chunks)

Mix 2 tbsp of olive oil, the rosemary and half the lemon’s grated zest in a bowl. Season to taste. Add in the halloumi and ensure it’s coated in the marinade. Leave for 15 mins. Cut the other half of lemon into 4 wedges, then half each wedge. Remove the halloumi from the marinade and thread onto a metal skewer with red onion and courgette chunks and lemon wedges. Grill for 5-10 minutes over the fire pit, turning occasionally and brushing on any leftover marinade.

Tip: Serve with houmous and couscous for a complete meal.


Fired Potatoes: Simple, yet utterly delicious, these potatoes are perfect as either a main or a side for a few.
Serves: 1 per potato as a main, 2-3 per potato as a side.

You need: Large baking potatoes, whole onions (red or white), dill, parsley, chopped bacon, cheeses (optional)

Slice the potato almost all the way through, but leaving enough to hold it together (see photo!). Slice the onion into slices and place between each potato slice. Sprinkle over the bacon and a pinch of dill. Wrap with heavy duty aluminium foil and bury in the embers of the fire. Leave for 45 minutes. Check your potatoes are done by piercing with a fork. Your fork should lift out without lifting any potato. Serve with a knob of butter and a sprig of parsley.

Tip: Count how many potatoes you put in the fire! The foil can become covered with ash and blends in well.

Fire Roasted Bell Peppers: The best side to a good steak – these peppers are insanely tasty!

You need: Several bell peppers (I prefer red, yellow and orange), olive oil, sea salt and cracked black pepper, red wine or balsamic vinegar (optional), Paper bag (I will explain)

Ensure your fire pit is very hot, with your embers glowing. Place your whole peppers as close as you can to the embers without them actually touching a flame or ember. After a few minutes, the skins should start to blister and turn black, if they don’t move them closer to the embers. Turn to ensure every side is blackened.

Next place your peppers on a plate and cover with the plastic bag to keep in the steam. Leave the peppers until they are cool enough to handle (usually around 20 mins). The peppers will steam in their own juices, loosening their skins.

Once cool, gently rub off the skins, then remove the stems and seeds inside. There will be a syrupy liquid within each pepper – keep this in your bowl – it’s a lovely dressing for your roasted peppers! Slice up the roasted peppers into half inch strips. Add a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and toss gently to coat. Season to taste with salt and pepper and add the vinegar or red wine of your choice if you desire.

Check out our wire fire pits here and don’t forget to let us know how your dinner is!