Following on from our blog about cooking on a fire pit, we’ve put together some of our top tips for making the most of your rustic cooking experience:

  1. Use quality wood: you might think it’s a given, but the better the wood quality, the better the flavours to satisfy your taste buds. Choosing a particular wood type will influence those flavours further.. find our wood chart below to truly test your skills.
  2. Start early and cook with the embers rather than the wood itself: make sure your fire has been burning for a few hours before you set out your meats. Cooking over seasoned firewood embers gives both the best flavour and the best texture to meats. The less intense heat (flame) stops the food from charring and cooks the food more evenly.
  3. Get creative: It’s not just sticking a few sausages on a grid over your fire pit. You can use both direct and indirect cooking, the children can enjoy primitive skewer cooking, whilst you go 21st century cooking scallops in a frying pan. If you have a rotisserie kit you can also roast a larger joint. For indirect cooking, ensure your glowing embers are off to one side of the fire pit, so there is an area where there is no direct heat beneath it. You will also need a lid, so your food cooks in the smoky air inside the fire pit.
  4. Smores: Mentioned in the original post, but worth mentioning again. If you have not heard of this incredible American invention, you need to hit up google. They make the perfect dessert to follow your fire pit BBQ, or they’re ideal for a fun evening treat.

I hope this inspires you to give cooking on your fire pit a go; let us know how you get on and if you find any recipes you’d like to share with us!