Did you know?

6 Billion plastic bags laid end-to-end would stretch 75 times around the world.

Why does that matter? Because there are 6 billion less plastic bags clogging up our seas and suffocating our wildlife thanks to the UK’s introduction of the 5p plastic bag charge in 2014. That’s an astounding 85% decrease.

Did you know?

POLYWOOD have been committed to recycling plastic since 1990.

Did you know?

Luxurious POLYWOOD furniture is made from recycled plastic bottles? No I bet you didn’t..

Forget that rattan set your friends just bought; this luxuriously unique style of furniture is here for the long haul and it’ll look incredible for its whole lifespan. If you don’t believe us, the twenty-year warranty should speak for itself.

Whether you’re looking for a sleek and stylish bar table and chairs, a luxurious dining set that your friends won’t stop talking about or sturdy, durable furniture that your children cannot destroy, POLYWOOD will help transform your outdoors into the ultimate relaxation space.

Not only will it look fantastic, you can feel a little extra smug knowing your POLYWOOD purchase is reducing the environmental impact. Why? Because POLYWOOD garden furniture is actually made from recycled plastic bottles.. You wouldn’t know it would you?

Pellets of processed, recycled bottles are extruded into ‘plastic’ timber, which is then handcrafted in exactly the same way as natural timber to create these stylish outdoor furniture ranges. Tested to the nth degree (watch the ultimate test here!), POLYWOOD is unaffected by weather, chlorine, mildew or salt water. With its non-porous poly-lumber and with stainless steel fittings, your furniture can be left outside 24/7, 365 days a year without a single worry.

In fact, a simple wash every now and again, with soap and water or a soft power washer will have it looking brand new time and time again. That means zero sanding, zero oiling and next to zero maintenance.

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