Ever thought about cooking on your fire pit? If you haven’t, maybe you should..

Fire pits are all the range right now and if you don’t have one, you’re getting left behind. They’re perfect for parties, outdoor entertaining or just relaxing around. Fire pits create an unparalleled natural ambience in the garden, whether a dusky summer evening or a chilly winters day. Cooking on them is not always the first thing that springs to mind though and if you’re not doing it, you’re missing out. Here’s why..

  1. It’s fun and it’s oh so social. There definitely won’t be only one person barbecuing at this party, because several people can stand or sit around the fire pit and get involved. It’s guaranteed that both friends and children alike will enjoy turning their sausages and steaks.
  2. The flavour. Wood is the most natural fuel type available, which unlike processed charcoal and gases does not rely on chemicals to supply heat. As a result, the aromas and flavours that real firewood embers give differs from any other fuel source. Each wood type has different characteristics and therefore it is possible to control the wood smoke flavour. For example Almond wood gives a nutty, sweet flavour, whilst Walnut has a heavy, smoky flavour.
  3. You can get really creative! Don’t think fire pits are only ideal for sausages! It’s currently the shooting season, so why not try cooking what you shoot on the fire pit? Grouse, pheasant and partridge are all delicious with a smoky twist to them.
  4. Smores. I’ll just leave that one there.. and if you haven’t heard of smores before. Google it. Enough said.

You might have a grill and an outdoor kitchen, but it’s not quite got that primitive rusticity to it that really takes us back to our roots has it? It’s not a skewer cooking job and your meat certainly won’t have those smoky wooden flavours running through it, so if you haven’t tried it, believe us when we say you should.